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Self-care for journalists


Self-care for journalists is vital during a crisis. As the pandemic stretches on, we’ve put together a list of resources to help refresh you. On-demand workshops: Mission drift: Protecting what matters most Practices that sustain us in the long journey Preventing Burnout Blog posts: When discouragement sets in 4 tips to staying safe when covering…

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‘Acts of God’? How to Write Better on Trauma, Pandemic and Disaster

Join this seminar’s focus on how writers, editors and journalists can improve their coverage of deadly, global events in light of the coronavirus pandemic. During this seminar, essential questions, insights and strategies will be explored. It will include updates about online tools for interviewing, research, presentation and social media. MTI On-demand webinars Did you miss…

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We All Get Burned: Leading through Crisis and Challenge

Each one of us has burn marks from a crisis or other challenge in leadership. The Black Forest, Colorado wildfire in 2013 destroyed my home and my work. As I navigated the fire experience I learned valuable lessons about handling challenge and leading through crisis. I’ll walk you through them with vivid photos and supernatural…

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Trying to keep up on Emergencies and Disasters Around the World?


It can be a struggle to keep up with emergencies and disasters around the world for accurate reporting. However, the website for Emergency and Disaster Information Service is a great resource with an interactive world map that allows you to click on icons that represent events such as cyclones, earthquakes, fires, etc. Each icon gives…

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Did you miss the Crisis Publishing Initiative? Now you can download it.


Access the information and resources shared at this one-of-a-kind conference on crisis If you weren’t able to attend the Crisis Publishing Initiative conference in 2017 we are pleased to announce that you can now listen to all of the sessions for free. This one-of-a-kind conference hosted knowledgeable speakers who spoke hard-hitting truth and offered hope for…

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6 tips for protecting your mental health when reporting on trauma

mental health

By Arun Karki This post is the second piece in a two-part series about how journalists can protect both their physical safety and mental health, as well as the health and safety of their subjects, when covering dangerous or traumatic events. You can read part one, which addresses physical safety, here. Twelve years ago, I…

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4 tips for staying safe when covering disaster or unrest

staying safe

By Arun Karki A week after the 7.6 magnitude earthquake that rocked central Nepal in 2015, Prakash Mahat, a cameraman with Nepal TV News, was covering both the aftereffects of the earthquake and the ongoing search for survivors in Kathmandu. Minutes after reaching the scene, a powerful aftershock almost toppled him into the wreckage. “I…

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Save 15% with the Early Bird Special Discounted Registration

early bird

The Crisis Publishing Initiative will equip Christians in publishing with the knowledge, skills, and resources we need in order to research, report, and publish responsibly in crisis situations. Join us in Sopron, Hungary on October 15 -18 for the conference. MTI is accepting registrations at a 15% discount from the regular registration fee of $450.…

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Yes, you’re publishing in the midst of crisis

midst of crisis

Why should I attend the Crisis Publishing Initiative? I’m not publishing in the midst of crisis. Really? Are your readers impacted by fears of terrorism? Or are they concerned about the influx of refugees into the country? Do they worry about the increase in violent crimes in their cities or the political turmoil in the…

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Need a scholarship to attend the Crisis Publishing Initiative? Apply today!


Do you want to attend the Crisis Publishing Initiative but need some financial assistance? Apply for a scholarship today! Those who apply early have a better chance of receiving a scholarship. After receiving your scholarship you must be able to register and pay for your reduced tuition in advance. In order to receive a scholarship…

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