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5 tips for editors working alone to develop content

develop content

The dream, for most editors, is to work with a team of other editors and writers to develop the content of a magazine. However, particularly for start-up magazines, the founding editor is typically working alone to create all or most of the initial content. It can be a difficult position. In this six-minute clip taken…

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Custom content


By Carla Foote, Fine Print Editorial A recent client project involved taking a donor magazine with national distribution and creating custom content for specific geographical areas. We created 5 issues for major metropolitan areas, plus a “general” issue that mailed to everyone else. Custom content is an efficient way to hone a message for an audience segment.…

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Why does anyone need a professional editor anymore?

professional editor

By Carla Foote, Fine Print Editorial Why use a professional editor when there are electronic editing tools that highlight spelling and grammar errors? Besides the obvious answer that electronic editing tools do not catch all the errors in any document, an editor brings precision to content. For example, on a recent editorial project, the writer was…

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