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Mary's Story

Mary Kiio

Mary Kiio, founder of Roshani Consultancy Services in Kenya, has been planning to start an online Christian magazine for singles. However, she and her friends have been discouraged over the last couple of years by their lack of publishing knowledge and experience.

Mary didn’t know that she perfectly fit the profile of the people we exist to help—Christians with a God-given vision for publishing, but without the experience and knowledge they need to be successful. However, when she heard about our plans for a Magazine Publishing Institute in Nairobi, she knew it was a fit and she was thrilled. The timing is perfect, she told us.

I’m so excited and looking forward to embarking on this new journey in my life,” she said when she registered for the Institute, “and having such a great team from your organization to work with.

Francis' Story

Francis Ayieko

We’re looking forward to working with people like Francis Ayieko, of Nairobi, who edits a monthly Christian newspaper, and wrote us a couple of years ago in excitement after discovering the resources on our website. Francis says he is looking forward to taking the business course at the Institute in order to learn how to make his newspaper financially sustainable.

David's Story

David Munyere

David Munyere, who edits a Christian magazine in Nairobi, has attended virtually every online course we’ve offered and more than half of the 30 online workshops we’ve offered to date. David, who has registered for the Institute, says he takes MTI courses “because they have built a reputation for offering quality services/products from a Christian worldview.”

Gracious' Story

Word is getting out that we will start working in Africa and Christians in publishing are writing us. One Nigerian editor whose name is Gracious wrote to say, “I’m prayerfully planning and preparing to attend this training. It is going to be a lifetime opportunity and privilege to encounter and have fellowship with like-minded people.”

Although the teaching is important, for most of the small publishers who attend our events, the opportunity to meet and interact with other Christian publishers is especially attractive. Most are laboring in isolation with little opportunity to have fellowship with other Christians in publishing.


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Please share this page to get more people involved with the publishing ministry of Christians in Africa. If you have any questions or comments about MTI, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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