Design for Magazines (A DVD Course)

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Design for Magazines is a full-length course ideal for group study or self-paced individual learning.

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Attractive design can increase your magazine’s appeal to readers, enhance readability, and more effectively communicate your message. In this information-packed course you’ll learn the secrets of designing effective covers, enticing spreads, appealing departments, and exciting tables of contents. And, you’ll view hundreds of visuals as three experienced design professionals teach you the fundamentals of magazine design. The course will benefit not only designers, but also editors and publishers. Whether you are an experienced designer or a novice, you can expect to receive fresh insights, creative ideas, and new energy and enthusiasm for the task of magazine design.

The speakers are Greg Breeding, creative director for Journey Group, Gary Gnidovic, founder and creative director at Gx3 Creative, and Adele Mulford, director of creative services for Make-A-Wish.

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5.25 x 7.5 x 1 inch case, 6 DVDs, 1 CD with PDF of “Design for Magazines” manual

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Widescreen; also suitable for standard 4:3 screens




Chinese-Simplified, Chinese-Traditional, Russian, Spanish

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