Our History

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A call to a specific region

Magazine Training International began its life in 1989 as Eastern European Magazine Training Institute (EEMTI), dedicated to helping the fledgling Christian publishing industry emerging from the shadows of communism.

For 50 years, Christians could not freely publish magazines in Eastern Europe. As a result, few Christians had publishing experience or education in journalism. Yet, because of the cataclysmic happenings of the 90s, entire nations were open to the gospel in a new way.

For most of Eastern Europe’s new publishers, the response was to plunge into publishing first—and then look for desperately-needed help in the form of training and resources.

As Eastern Europe’s Christian publishers began to ask for help, the EEMTI program developed rapidly, growing out of the individual efforts of one trainer and expanding to involve dozens of experienced magazine professionals from around the world.

Where we've been


Global expansion

Editors, writers, and designers from Asia and Africa began attending our conferences in Eastern Europe. While these publishing staff had not necessarily been hindered under oppressive governments, they faced similar obstacles to publishing including lack of formal training, small audiences, and limited funding.

Today, MTI operates from our office in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and we continue to serve publishers from all around the world. Their stories are all different. But each one feels a call to serve Christ through publishing and desires to do it well with limited resources.

A vision for the future

MTI plans to be here for these courageous believers. We will continue to seek creative opportunities to provide timely training and quality resources to Christian publishing professionals no matter how accessible or remote their location. We continue to offer on-site conferences every year or two, semi-annual online courses, bi-monthly Webinars, and 24/7 access to helpful eBooks, videos, and archived training on this website.