MTI Board Member to Serve as Judge for EPA awards

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Lamar Keener, executive director of the Evangelical Press Association, has announced that Dr. Dennis E. Hensley will serve as a 2018 judge for the annual EPA awards. Dr. Hensley will judge two categories this year: humor writing and student writing.  This will mark the tenth time during the past 16 years that Dr. Hensley has served as an EPA judge.

Keener noted, “We like to rotate judges frequently, but we could not think of a more apt and qualified judge than Doc Hensley for the category of student writers, since he directs one of the most successful college writing programs in America.  Additionally, anyone who is a fan of Doc’s writings know that he has a marvelous sense of humor and has had great success at writing comedic articles, short stories, columns, and reviews. We are honored to have him back on our board of judges.”

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