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Magazine Comics: How and why to use them


Date: March 10
Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am


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Are you interested in creating a comic strip? Do you want to know how visual storytelling can be regularly featured in your magazine? Discover how to dive into the process of creating short comics for magazines.

In this free online workshop, José Carlos Gutiérrez, president of Comix35 Next Gen, will discuss the basics of visual storytelling, comics genres, creating appealing characters, sequential art techniques, making the most of combining images and texts, choosing the right style and tone for your readers, and more…

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José Carlos Gutiérrez is president of Comix35 Next Gen, following the work Comix35 did from 1996 to 2019. His comics have won International Christian Comics Competition; he has led live training seminars in Mexico and Singapore, and some webinars for United States and Latin American ministries. His comics have been published in Prisma magazine in Mexico, Timazi magazine in Kenya, and The Light Times magazine in Cambodia. José Carlos has illustrated Christian books for young people by authors Keila Ochoa Harris and Tim Ferguson. He recently participated in the Christian comic series Captain Sun, the sales of which are donated to the Butterfly Project, a ministry that supports girls who have been victims of trafficking in the Philippines. José Carlos, his wife, and two children are involved in the missions program of their church in Mexico City.