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Crisis Publishing Initiative


Information also available at www.crisispublishing.com. Join Christian journalists, editors, publishers, and bloggers from around the world as we gather to discuss how best to meet the challenges of a world increasingly impacted by crises of all kinds, from terrorism to war to natural disasters. In the midst of crisis, half-truths and wild rumors abound, sowing…

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“Doc” Hensley Publishes Tenth Writing Textbook


The newly-released “Finding Success with Your Dream Writing Projects” is Taylor University professor Dennis E. “Doc” Hensley’s tenth writing textbook. A member of the Board of Directors of Magazine Training International, Dr. Hensley is chair of Taylor’s newly formed Department of Professional Writing and a prolific writer. “During my 20 years at Taylor the world…

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Do you need help with Article Planning?

article planning

In order to help an editorial team come up with article ideas, many editors use an article planning worksheet. It is a great tool to use during team planning meetings. Get started with this article planning worksheet. Adapt the questions to the kind of articles you are looking for, and give this sheet to your…

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Print to Digital: Thinking Differently About the Same Story


How do you craft a voice that will be heard by your peers? It’s not easy. When readers are busy, sometimes bored, and cynical about most media, it can be challenging to write an article that will hold their attention. Discover how to tailor your writing for print and for digital in a way that…

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Does this article fit my magazine?


Your magazine is a friend to your readers. They like its personality, they know its moods and what to expect. Would you like a friend who looked and acted differently every time you saw her? While readers appreciate freshness, the content inside needs to be consistent with the message and fit your ministry’s purpose. Articles…

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Writing for Your Audience’s Reading Level

reading level

When people pick up something they can’t understand, they put it down again. You want your magazine to be read and comprehended. Part of knowing your readers includes knowing what grade level to write at. The general rule of thumb is to write for a 8th-grade reading level when writing for the general population. Many popular…

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Where to Cut


I relish the challenge of cutting an article down to size. Not that there is anything wrong with 1,000 words, but usually I need to fit an article into a particular spot in a magazine. While writers have a word count with their assignment, they often go over their allotment. Even for online content, where…

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Introduction to Internet Journalism

Internet journalism

The current reality is that many of your readers are getting their news on the go and on their mobile devices. Writers, journalists, and publishers must adapt to this trend if they haven’t already. In this course, Timothy Morgan, director of the Journalism Certificate Program at Wheaton College, will equip you to write at a…

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Say it concisely


“75% of all revision is eliminating words already written; the remaining 25% is improving the words that remain.” –Theodore Cheney, Getting the Words Right Mr. Cheney is right. Leaving in extra words is like putting rocks in the reader’s backpack. It only slows him down and makes the journey more difficult. Many writers will set…

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How writing an outline can save you time and stress


Is it easier for you to sit down and start writing or to think through what you want to say ahead of time? Although it adds an extra step before you put pen to paper, there are six really good reasons that prove why taking the extra time to outline your article is worth it…

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