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Bonus Workshops


The Crisis Publishing Initiative ends at after the celebratory banquet on Wednesday night. You’ll probably stay overnight in Sopron on Wednesday anyway. Why not take advantage of one of the bonus workshops on Thursday to polish your professional skills as a writer or photographer? The minimal $35 tuition cost for each day-long workshop includes coffee…

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Bonus One-Day Workshops to be Offered Following the Crisis Publishing Initiative


Two one-day workshops to be offered in Sopron, Hungary, Oct. 19, will allow on participants to polish their professional skills as a writer or photographer. The workshops are a convenient add-on for participants in the Crisis Publishing Initiative, but are also open to registrants who do not attend the conference. The Crisis Publishing Initiative is…

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Is it a picture or a photograph?


There is more to being a photographer than just possessing the technology. Nearly everyone has a cell phone in their pocket and can snap a picture any time they want. But what turns a picture into a photograph? A good photograph exhibits composition, lighting, and technical accuracy. How can you tell if you have a…

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Discussion: What makes a photo great?


“Good photography requires a blend of trained eye and an imaginative mind.” –Bernice Abbot One of the most difficult–and rewarding– challenges for a photographer is to produce a creative, compelling portrait. But capturing an image that uniquely projects something of depth about a person will be one of the most important ways to develop engaging…

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Photography Inspiration: Capture the Moment


To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event, as well as the precise organization of forms that give that event it’s proper expression.” –Henri Cartier Bresson Bresson considered himself a photojournalist, but he was rarely concerned with what would be considered news events or…

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Human Vision vs Camera Vision


There are fundamental differences between how the eye sees and how the camera sees. If we can understand those differences, we can be aware of what makes a photograph good. Relationships between elements in a photograph determine the photo’s success and appeal. A photograph has edges; the real world does not. Consider the relationship between…

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Top 10 sites for free high-quality photos

free high-quality photos

You don’t need to have a team of professional photographers to have good-looking images for your publication. Thousands of high-quality images from both new and experienced photographers are available for free. When we need to make a graphic for MTI (or anything really), we look to these sites for free high-quality photos: 1. stocksnap.io –…

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Capture the moment: photography course students apply principles right away


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. During MTI’s The Art of Editorial Photography Online Course, students learned how to perfect their photos in order to tell stories even better. “I must say my eyes have been significantly opened to using photography as a medium to engage my online audience from now on,”…

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