How to get the answers you need from research

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The research you conduct is only as good as the questions you ask, the format you use, and your willingness to base decisions on the feedback you receive. Watch this video to discover what questions you should ask to get the information you really need to understand your readers better.

In our free training video on effective research you’ll learn:

  • how to choose which method of research to use
  • questions to ask to find out your readers’ design and editorial preferences
  • how to discover your readers’ changing preferences

Instructors: Dr. Kent Wilson is former executive publisher of NavPress, and an executive coach with Vistage International and president of Nonprofit Leadership Exchange.

To watch this training session professionally filmed live at an MTI conference, please complete the information below and click the button to start your session. Video length: 53 minutes.

*If you have trouble viewing this video please try using a different browser or contact us.